October 2019

Cassino, Italy
The host organization is the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering, DIEI.

Contact: Prof. Antonio Maffucci – maffucci@unicas.it 

The DIEI conducts research in the fields of electrical and electronic engineering, automation, informatics and telecommunications. The activities of the research group involved in the present project (Electrotechnics Group) include electromagnetic modeling, computational electromagnetism, circuital modeling and model order reduction, applied to large machines for nuclear fusion energy, non-destructive electromagnetic testing, electromagnetic compatibility and nanoelectronics. According to the last University research assessment by the Italian Government (VQR report, 2017), the “Electrotechnics Group” of UNICAS is ranked #2 in Italy. In the nanotechnology area, the group has developed models for carbon nanotubes antennas and carbon nanotubes or graphene interconnects.  The group also has expertise in the field of low-order circuit synthesis, fast and parallel computation techniques with CPUs and GPUs.

Prof. Antonio Maffucci is the Terasse and node PI. His research activities include electromagnetic modelling, nanostructured materials, quantum systems, computational electromagnetics, electromagnetic compatibility, high-speed circuits, signal integrity, non-destructive testing.
Prof. Marco Donald Migliore is an associate professor working on electromagnetism, antennas and propagation, antenna measurements. 
Prof. Carlo Forestiere interests and activities are in the areas of classical and quantum electrodynamics, nano-photonics, non-linear optics, electromagnetic scattering, metamaterials, plasmonics.

The research facilities available that will be made available to the project are the EMCLab (Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory), fully equipped with a semi-anechoic chamber, the Microwave Lab, equipped for characterization in the microwave range, and the Computational Electromagnetic Lab, equipped with two clusters for large parallel computation: a CPU-based cluster and a GPU CUDA-LINUX cluster.

Past and running projects
• H2020 EMPIR project MICEV, #16ENG08, 2017-2020
NATO SPS project FANEM, ARW G5409, 2017-2018 
H2020 BG Project DexROV, H2020-635491, 2015-2018
H2020 ICT Project AEROARMS, H2020-644271, 2015-2019
NATO SPS project FANEM, ARW 984776, 2014-2015. 
EU-PON project CARBON LINES, FR-043183, 2014-2015. 
FP7 IRSES project ARCAS, FP7-287617, 2011-2014.
FP7 ENERGY project ADDRESS, FP7-207643, 2008-2011.
FP7 ICT project SIMPOSIUM, FP7-285549, 2011-2014.
FP7 IRSES project EDWTGT, FP7-318925, 2011-2014.
EU Fusion for Energy, F4E-GRT-640, 2016-2017

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