january 2022

Roma, Italy


Nanesa is a chemical company that produces GRM (Graphene Related Materials) on an industrial scale, develops coating and composite formulations that enhance the multifunctionality of these nanomaterials in different industrial fields, and finally proposes itself as a research partner of numerous end-user companies in the development of advanced materials for applications in the automotive, aeronautics, energy, packaging, industrial and others.
Since the beginning of its history, Nanesa has always had a strong connotation for research and development, building a close-knit group of highly qualified researchers and technicians with skills in different scientific disciplines, from chemistry to materials engineering. Research and development is one of the two main souls of the company and numerous investments are focused on it for the development of future applications and industrial productions.
As for industrial production, it took a few years to optimize the production process of different grades of graphene nanoplatelets: today Nanesa can produce up to 2 tons of GRM in water dispersion and use these materials to produce semi-finished products such as graphene sheets or water-based or solvent-based formulations for coatings and composites with strong electrical, thermal, EMI shielding, fire barrier and others properties.

Francesco Bertocchi – CEO/CIO – Mechainical Engineer, he’s in charge of coordinating all the Research and Development activities of the company. He’ the company contact point for may innovation project and the cooperation with end-user companies.
Emanuele Piciollo – CEO/COO – Chemist, he’s in charge for the Operations of the company coordinating all the production activities inside the facility of Ambra and the electrochemistry lab.
Francesco Cristiano – Researcher – Material Engineer, he’s in charge for the development of composites formulation for different industrial applications (G+Board Project Manager).
Sergio Chiodini – Researcher – PhD Phisic, he’s in charge for many modeling, prototyping activities regarding thermoelectric applications and testing (GICE Project Manager).
Gabriele Bartolini – Researcher – Chemist, he’s in charge of many production and prototyping line, and also responsible for the development of thermal coating on heatsink (WP14 Project Manager).
Lorenzo Fabbri – Researcher – Elettrochemist, he’s in charge of the development Me-GRM coating for solid lubrication applications (Circuit Breakers Project).
Giulio Bernardini – Researcher – Chemist, he’s in charge of the development of new nanomaterials and production method.
Luigi Canobbio – Researcher – Material engineer, he’s in charge for the development of new GRM-adhesive.

1) Production facility located in Ambra – Bucine (Arezzo): the company here produces different grades of graphene related materials, graphene papers with different compositions and many formulation. The facility also comprises a quality control lab.
2) Research Lab @LEM Industries located in Levane – Bucine (Arezzo): most of the research activities related to the electroplating process are carried on in this lab.
3) Research LAB @Jaber Innovation located in Teverola (Caserta): many research activities related to new coating formulations and G-PApers properties are carried on in this lab.

Past and running projects
Nanesa from 2014 is one of the main partner of the European consortium of the Graphene Flagship, as GRM producer and research partner for the development of many graphene based applications.
In the last 8 years many research activities have been developed inside the Graphene Flagship’s different pahses (from Ramp-Up phase to Core 3).
Actually Nanesa is involved in 3 different spearhead projects aiming to increase the TRL of different GRM applications in different industrial fields:
GICE Project, coordinated by AIRBUS; it’s focused on the development of Graphene based systems for De-Icing and Anti-icing solution integrated in aeronautical composites (Graphene based Heater Mat and Graphene based Protecion sensors);
G+Board, coordinated by Stellantis Group; it’s focused on developing graphene based wireless metal free solutions for steering wheels and dashboard;
Circuit Breakers, coordinated by ABB; it’s focused on the development of Me-GRM coating by electrodeposition tecnique with high tribological and self-lubricating properties for electric switches and mechanism.

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